How to embed latest tweet into website automatically

Twitter provide us to integrate the latest tweet into your website automatically. Tweet will embed latest tweet instantly, new tweet comes before the older one automatically without changing in code. This embedded feature helps you to get more visitors, better marketing & engagement on site. User can embed tweet from any Twitter account. With this user can also embed tweets in WordPress site too from this article.


Embed latest tweet is simple & easier to integrate within few steps. Once the code is pasted into website, all things get done automatically. A tweet will display exactly like as it displays on Twitter account. Twitter allows us to set the number of last tweet to be display.

This is how tweets look likes :


Steps to embed last N tweets into your websites.

If you want to list all the tweets, remove the attribute data-tweet-limit="NUMBER OF TWEETS" from the code snippet. Now you can see all tweets.

Parameters pass to customize embedded tweets

Sometimes the user want to embed specific tweet from the Twitter timeline into website. An embedded tweet can be photos, video and even stream live video. So here we tell you the same to embed specific tweets.

Steps to embed specific tweets into websites.

Check it out the example of embedded specific tweet.

To add customization in embedded tweets. In the HTML snippets add the extra parameter to change display preferences & style of tweet by adding attribute data-widthdata-align. In embed tweet you can change the text language by using attribute data-lang. 34  languages supported by Twitter, Twitter language code.


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