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Undeletable folder metadata

Hide All Your Secret Files In Zero Bytes Undeletable Folder

This trick not only helps you to hide all your secret files in zero bytes undeletable folder but users also can’t able to rename folder name neither its shows date and time of creation,...
Block website via hosts file

How to Block Websites on Windows, Ubuntu, Macintosh without software

Distraction is much common towards works, obviously when you are connected to the Internet. This article is all about how to block website to prevent access. No need to download additional software to block...
Restart Window Commands

Restart Windows 7, 8, 10 Without Rebooting Your Computer

Installing an application, that requires a system to reboot is always time-consuming. If users don't want to wait for a long time to restart the computer, then give a try to this tip to...
Convert Text into Audio | ByteNbit

Convert Text into Audio File without any external tool

A convenient trick to Convert Text into Audio File, this helps the user to listen generated audio clip while working on other stuffs. Generated file is portable in simple terms this file can run...