Create Google Alerts – Never Miss Informative Web Content

Google Alerts make you up-to-date with the latest content, news, interesting topics, and best thing about are customisation. It is easy to use & track all your informative web content that you care about. Google Alerts send informative content via email about products, technology, movies or whatever you like most.

A user can set number of alerts or email received in a particular time period, their preferred language, news by geo-location.

One can use the Google Alerts like a daily personalized newspaper delivered to your email inbox. Google founds your matching criteria only it alerts you via email.  It is the best time to start If you don’t start yet. It can stop or edit any times by simply visiting a website.

Steps to create Google Alerts

Repeat the above steps for adding more topics.

Also, Read Embed Highlighted Code into your Website using Github Gist

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