19 Advanced Ways To Search Google Like A Pro

Google most advanced search engine in the world. Helps out the billion of people to get out the desired results. Search Google like Pro, make your search query better to get great relevant search results and productive outcomes.

Google search operators help us to find the Exact Phrases, search within a website, search files of a specific file type, location search and lots more. Google collects the result from all over the sites and filters out the unwanted results by using these right technique.

Tips and Tricks To Search Google like Pro

1. Search within websites

site: keyword used to search particular website within Google search. It helps a lot while you want to search results within websites.

Syntax     Query [site:website_name]
Example  Convert Text into Audio site:bytenbit.com

Search within websites

2. Exclude site from search

Remove all results of specific website. Sometimes it gets annoying to see full of Quora and Wikipedia article on the front page. This trick filters out your result and removes all results from your given websites.

Syntax      -site:[website_name] Query
Example   -site:wikipedia.org India
Example of exclude multiple websites  -site:wikipedia.org -site:wikitravel.org India
Exclude site from search in Google

3. Search file for specific type
to search for specific types of files like a .pdf or .doc file. These save a lot of time when you are finding research related documents.

Syntax     Query [filetype:File format]
Example  Seven wonders of the world filetype:PDF
Search file for specific type in Google

4. OR operator

OR operator display results with either of the keywords. Default Google use all terms specified in the search. Google OR operator filter out all the results from with any of the given keywords in a query.

Syntax     Keyword1 OR Keyword2
Example  Football OR Hockey
Using OR operator in Google

5. Search an Exact Phrase

Googler can use Quotation Marks to find exact result as they were entered i.e enclose the entire phrase in quotation marks. This helps us out to find specific phrase.

Syntax     “Search Query”
Example  “Facebook Media”

Search For an Exact Phase in Google Search Engine

6. Eliminate specific words in search results

Using – dash, filter out and remove all your associated words to give fine results. You can filter out multiple results at once by appending multiple – operator with each word.

Syntax  query [–Word to Exclude]
Syntax to exclude multiple words Query [–Word to Exclude] [–Word to Exclude]
Example  New Innovative Startup -Mobile -Computer
Eliminate specific words in search results

7. Range search

Search your result with range selector by just specify a range. Google will lists all the results within a range of your given numbers.

Syntax      Query [numbers..numbers]
Example   Prime Minister of India 1947..2015
Example   Mobile 15000..25000

8. To find movie links immediately

Finding movie link is time-consuming. So there is a natural and direct way to get movie links in one steps. This trick helps us out 88% of times.

Syntax     Index of: [Movie Name]
Example  Index of: guardians of the galaxy 2
To find movie links instantly

9. Use google as dictionary

Google search also uses a dictionary to find meaning. Just append define keyword as a prefix with your word.

Syntax     define: [Word]
Example  define: Computer

10. Find related site

related keyword uses to find the similar website of the same kind. It is also helpful to find the popular site of the same niche.

Syntax      related:[website name]
Example   related:google.com

As an example, it will lists out all the popular search engine which competitive with Google.
Search Google like Pro: Find related site

11. Google calculator

Google search is so powerful, it easily evaluates all your calculation containing operator like ^, +, -, * , / and brackets. Hence this saves time to open any other app.

Example  (30 / 3) * (18 + 32)

12. Translator

Google allows us to convert word, phrases to any languages. Use translate keywords before a word. It  provides features like how to pronounce word correctly, copy words.

Syntax     translate [word] to [language]
Example  translate hello to Hindi

Google Translator

13. Google Stopwatch & Timer

Google provides Stopwatch & Timer features. Use keyword Timer followed by a time period. By default, it always goes to timer page, select stopwatch tab to start a stopwatch.

Example Timer 12 sec
                 Timer 42 min 21 Sec
                 Timer 13 hr 25 min
Search Google like Pro: Google Stopwatch & Timer

14. Convert units

Google do the conversion for us. In this example, we simply convert Km to miles.

Syntax    Number [Unit] to [Convert Unit]
Example 100 km to miles
Convert units15. Find stock of company

Just append stock in front of the company name to find the current stock. It also provides the option to look around the stock of previous years and months.

Syntax     stock: [Company Name]
Example  stock: Google
Find stock of company

16. Get Sunrise and Sunset

Google also track the Sunrise and Sunset of a country too. Just Use keyword Sunrise and Sunset followed by state and country name.

Syntax    Sunrise and Sunset in [State name] and [Country name]
Example  Sunrise and Sunset in Agra India
Search Google like Pro: Get Sunrise and Sunset17. Flip a coin

Google is a much friendly engine. Want to flip a coin, and don’t have a coin in your pocket, Just relax and Search in Google flip a coin.

Example  flip a coin
Flip a coin

18. Check Flight status

Just type the flight number in Google search bar & It will display all relevant information regarding that such as Terminal number, Scheduled departure terminal gate, scheduled arrival, flight delay. It saves a time to be in the queue of long customer support.

Example  SpiceJet SG – 472
Check Flight status

19. Know your IP address

Google also will let you know what is your Current IP address. Just simply type what is my IP in Google search.

Example What is my IP

Search operator gives better efficient web results when uses with other operators at the same time. Lets search a specific website and exclude words like quora, microsoft.

Then search query become like this site: bytenbit.com -quora -microsoft

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