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Quora Tips and Tricks

Quora a very popular place to gain and share knowledge. It’s a platform to ask questions and connect with millions of people who contribute unique insights and quality answers. To find your Answers Smartly, Here are some Quora tips & tricks to make user experience delightful.

1. Read Quora Answers without Login

Quora verified the user after two or three pages to read further answers. Sometimes user doesn’t want to log in their credential in non-personal computers.

Just append / or ? at end of URL


New URL:
New URL:

2. Find your favorite author’s answer

Sometimes it’s  difficult to scroll the page to find particular author answer. Here is a simple trick to find specific author’s answer.


Old URL:
New URL:

3. Get complete log of Question in Quora

Yes, Get full records of a question to know when a question is added, edited, deleted by, topic added by whom with respect to date and time.
Interestingly each answer gets the unique ID when an answer is posted which is also displayed in log.

Quora Complete Answer Log

Append: /log at end of URL


4. Find complete list of Quora blog your author follow

Quora blog features, which allow writers to share their knowledge by creating a personal blog. To know about more visit this link Quora Blog

To see list of blog your favorite author follows, append: {{author-id}}/followed_blogs at end of URL


5. Bookmark Favourite Answer

Don’t have time to read the answer. Just Bookmark it, read the answer at another time. Quora feature bookmark your favorite answers. Bookmark option found under 3 gray dots at the bottom of the answer. Click on 3 gray dots and select option “bookmark”.

You can find Bookmarked Answers on the left side of Quora webpage.On Quora app, option Bookmarks will show at the top under the Home Menu.

6. Search entire Quora website in Google search engine

It is possible to search complete Quora website in Google search engine, it displays only Quora result no other website pages

Pattern : {{Serach Query}}

Example What great about Indian culture

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