Hide All Your Secret Files In Zero Bytes Undeletable Folder

This trick not only helps you to hide all your secret files in zero bytes undeletable folder but users also can’t able to rename folder name neither its shows date and time of creation, modification & accessed time. This all can be done without using any software in windows, No need to download any folder lock to prevent data from others person. Sounds goods. Let’s go to step by step to achieve all this.

Steps to create undeletable folder

Refresh the screen by pressing F5 key, if folder doesn’t appear on screen. Open this recently created undeletable folder and paste all the files you want to hide. Even after pasting all files,  undeletable folder size remains zero bytes.

Steps to hide all your secret files

All the files will get hidden. If not follow the below steps.

Steps to show all your secret files

Steps to open files

Yes, we can’t open the file by clicking. We can say as it a safety measure to prevent data from an unauthorized person.

Steps to delete zero bytes undeletable folder


By following above steps user can create zero bytes undeletable folder. To ensure this all the steps are correctly performed. Check undeletable folder properties for all its information.

After performing all above steps, Undeletable folder shows the 0 bytes size even after pasting the data. This trick completely hides all the information like creation, modification & accessed time.

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